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Month: May, 2011

Decline if you must

Sometimes people question why I am so passionate about the nonprofit world. “there is no money there, there are so many humanitarian & social issues, where will you even begin to help”, foolish questions and commentary may just be one of the things that annoy me the most- in any situation.

 First of all, do not question me and the decisions I make. These are well thought out steps to my career, so unless you have some constructive criticism or direction for me…SAVE IT FOR YOUR JOURNAL.

Secondly, you are foolish in focusing on the “non” part of the word nonprofit. Educate yourself and get involved, bet you won’t be caught dead saying such a thing again.

So back to giving back.

 While corporations undermine their established and respective foundation’s missions, isn’t it ironic that nonprofit organizations undermine their own mission and purpose for existance as well?

 When it comes time to fundraise so many ethical dilemmas come up because the officer in charge of sponsorship and donation overlook the nature of business and practices in which the corporation participates. I just don’t get it. For example, at the University I currently attend a classmate shared a similar experience when she had the awkward dutie to either accept or decline the gift.

Relay for Life. Huge cancer fundraising event; lots of students and community members involved; a great time. On the other hand, the tanning package that was offered as a prize does not sound like so much fun. I mean, sure if I am desperate for some color; cannot wait to absorb the natural sun; I accept the chances of my skin looking orange and the whole short/long-term effects of tanning. That does not even touch upon the point in bringing this dilemma up. CAN YOU SEE IT YET? Why in the world would anyone involved in this event allow for such a donation?

It was dissapointing to hear the outcome of the issue because in the end, the prize was never returned, nor was it communicated to the donor the nature of the event so that the gift could be respectfully returned. The nonprofit world needs some NU leadership. Creative ways to fundraise without feeling obligated or desperate to accept gifts that go against an organization or an events mission. One becomes inferior to another when it is accepted. Overlooking the nature of a business and background is unacceptable.

I call this HALF ASSING.


Ever Wonder?

What would happen if you gave a group of older-miserable humans treats, would they feel more youthful?

My treats are so yummy and fun, I think the feeling may be inevitable.