Your {baked} goods

Month: July, 2011

Fundraising in the Community

Cheerleaders are cute. Walking up and down Atwells Avenue with their buckets, “would you like to donate some money to our cheerleading team?

Of course I gave them some change for the courage to smile and ask for help. A cupcake would have been nice though.#canibetreats to the rescue. #bakesales

Its not the first time I wondered, what am I really getting in return?, other than the intrinsic reward of knowing I helped. I can bake and help raise more than change. Watch me. Watch us.


May your youth live on, be passed on, and returned with LOVE LOVE LOVE


Lately, I’ve been waking up with one thing in mind: What will I do today to make myself happier?

Whether its buying a new treat, and recreating my own or going outside and looking up at the shape the clouds take- where there’s a will, there is a way. If there’s a road, I’m on it. Just be happy.

Why is it easier to feel anger, or sad? Is it because you’d rather see someone else coping with those emotions so you won’t have to figure it out? Man, get right or get left.¬†

How creative can you get with finding solutions and making yourself happy?

I want to know your way.

Mrs. Canibe