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Month: December, 2011

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The Grass is Greener on the Other Side

These days it is easier for young people to buy marijuana compared to buying beers. I will not take a stand just yet about the appropriate age for cannabis consumption because I am at the early stages of becoming an expert in my field but I believe that people should educate themselves on the health benefits of Cannabis consumption. There are alternatives to smoking, which are to vaporize, or to consume edibles- this includes: candies, baked goods, meals, and many other innovative ways of consuming the herb.

I want to share a myth that has been lingering among the ignorant people of our society who enjoy repeating what headlines read instead of doing their own research and taking a stand on the topic.

You should know that:

The basis of the claim:

“Marijuana kills brain cells,” or “Causes brain damage” is a result of monkeys being intoxicated with Marijuana smoke through gas masks (No Oxygen included). At rates that human beings do not consume the herb, the monkeys were basically being suffocated.

While substantial research has demonstrated that Marijuana intoxication does not impair the retrieval of information learned previously, there is “evidence that Marijuana, particularly in high doses, may interfere with users’ ability to transfer new information into longterm memory”.  With that said exercise your mind and you should not be negatively affected.

If you are an educated person, not institutionally, but overall interested in your well-being and have a passion for Marijuana and how to enjoy your habit to the next level- you should also know that smoking out of tobacco products like the classic Dutch or Goodie is even more harmful (Not to mention the heavy, drowsy feeling or that you taste the tobacco paper/chemicals instead of the delicious flavor of our herb). With that said, C.I.B. is proud to direct you to the Rolling Paper Depot ( for a wide range of accessories and rolling paper options for a healthier and higher experience.


For more information about Marijuana Myths- check out:

Vanilla Trippy Cupcakes

I took a short nap, almost let my crankiness take over but I realized the pact I made to myself to resurrect the feeling of happiness and joy of baking and being compassionate and true to myself. It brings me great happiness and joy to bake while my love, Bobby, is in the studio creating music, mastering songs and coming up with cool concepts and inspiration.

Tonight I made Vanilla TrippY Cupcakes with Razzberry Kush Budder. I also frosted them with Budder Cream icing.

All homemade of course…

~Mrs. Canibe 

In Love With Love

I made my love a double chocolate space cake tonight. Used {Bud}der of course, but this time also in a yummy buttermilk-cream cheese frosting.

“You know that cool, mysterious kid in your class? Go to school and you shall find him. This |one| is Min3”


~Mrs. C.I.B.

What’s on your mind, really?

Sometimes with so many ideas on my mind, I get lost within them and forget to stop and breathe. Its important to remember to think about yourself and what makes you happy, what can improve your lifestyle, how much time spend meditating and what you love overall. It could be your partner, your business, what you want to eat, something new you want to try or just what is right in front of  you and its significance.

The weather lately on the East Coast has been confusing but I thank God for it because I can be outside and not freeze, but instead take in all that is around me and visualize where I want to be next.

There are a few people I know who consume Cannabis is different ways (smoke, vaporize, edible) and get creative while they UP.  Its cool to just kick back and relax, watch a movie and enjoy your high, but sometimes writing can really help get those creative juices flowing. Today I am going to practice what I’m preaching and write about the last couple of months of my life. I’ve gone through some changes, overcome some obstacles and now I am going to start a fresh new chapter of my life with no regrets, just reflection on how I can lead a better life.

I miss jammin’ to reggae- I would find myself enjoying a doobie,  and doodling.  Those doodles would turn into my personal masterpieces, which inspire me to continue doodling, drawing and playing with shapes, colors and words.  So with that said, the world will be hearing from me more often because I love life and I want to share inspiration.

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Creative. Initiative. Begins.


N.O.W. Accepting holiday orders…Peace & Love

**UPDATE: FOR MEDICAL PATIENTS** Cannabis ingredient available upon request. #Canibetreats

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