What’s on your mind, really?

by The Struggle Is A Choice

Sometimes with so many ideas on my mind, I get lost within them and forget to stop and breathe. Its important to remember to think about yourself and what makes you happy, what can improve your lifestyle, how much time spend meditating and what you love overall. It could be your partner, your business, what you want to eat, something new you want to try or just what is right in front of  you and its significance.

The weather lately on the East Coast has been confusing but I thank God for it because I can be outside and not freeze, but instead take in all that is around me and visualize where I want to be next.

There are a few people I know who consume Cannabis is different ways (smoke, vaporize, edible) and get creative while they UP.  Its cool to just kick back and relax, watch a movie and enjoy your high, but sometimes writing can really help get those creative juices flowing. Today I am going to practice what I’m preaching and write about the last couple of months of my life. I’ve gone through some changes, overcome some obstacles and now I am going to start a fresh new chapter of my life with no regrets, just reflection on how I can lead a better life.

I miss jammin’ to reggae- I would find myself enjoying a doobie,  and doodling.  Those doodles would turn into my personal masterpieces, which inspire me to continue doodling, drawing and playing with shapes, colors and words.  So with that said, the world will be hearing from me more often because I love life and I want to share inspiration.

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