The Grass is Greener on the Other Side

by The Struggle Is A Choice

These days it is easier for young people to buy marijuana compared to buying beers. I will not take a stand just yet about the appropriate age for cannabis consumption because I am at the early stages of becoming an expert in my field but I believe that people should educate themselves on the health benefits of Cannabis consumption. There are alternatives to smoking, which are to vaporize, or to consume edibles- this includes: candies, baked goods, meals, and many other innovative ways of consuming the herb.

I want to share a myth that has been lingering among the ignorant people of our society who enjoy repeating what headlines read instead of doing their own research and taking a stand on the topic.

You should know that:

The basis of the claim:

“Marijuana kills brain cells,” or “Causes brain damage” is a result of monkeys being intoxicated with Marijuana smoke through gas masks (No Oxygen included). At rates that human beings do not consume the herb, the monkeys were basically being suffocated.

While substantial research has demonstrated that Marijuana intoxication does not impair the retrieval of information learned previously, there is “evidence that Marijuana, particularly in high doses, may interfere with users’ ability to transfer new information into longterm memory”.  With that said exercise your mind and you should not be negatively affected.

If you are an educated person, not institutionally, but overall interested in your well-being and have a passion for Marijuana and how to enjoy your habit to the next level- you should also know that smoking out of tobacco products like the classic Dutch or Goodie is even more harmful (Not to mention the heavy, drowsy feeling or that you taste the tobacco paper/chemicals instead of the delicious flavor of our herb). With that said, C.I.B. is proud to direct you to the Rolling Paper Depot ( for a wide range of accessories and rolling paper options for a healthier and higher experience.


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