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Month: January, 2012

When we GROW, This is what we WILL do.

I have been watching many Cannabis-related documentaries and I came across this one: It discusses the facts regarding the many uses of the plant. It also includes primary interviews of entrepreneurs in the ancillary revenue areas of hemp/cannabis. Just remember the “war against drugs” is based on political bias and not FACTS. 




Weed Wars Episode 2

As the Department of Justice is shutting down local dispensaries in California- Steve fights a tax code that is labeling him as a drug trafficker.

Enjoy the FULL second episode of Weed Wars.

Im just saying…

In a daze, whether blazed or not these days….mind on the worldly change of ways to soon awaken. The cowardice mind, who hides behind black and white pages of a text they dont even try to understand. But why do you curve me and treat me unworthy when I can really shift that cage.. unlock it and wait for you to push freely. But you wont and I’m bothered, say I need a father but little do you know we speak daily. When I speak I am scattered, if I knew it all my brain would splatter, you reblog me and im flattered but really what did I say? How I live Marijuana, just cause I wanna spread the word about the herbs that He gave us. Sativa, indica, ruderalis, what do you know about them? I hear you talkin kush this and sour that but really what are you twisting? Dubs are dimes, kids serving time when really their grandparents could have helped avoid that problem. But hug the block, a THUG you’re NOT- joke of the town when all you had to do was read. Minds on the money, oh I get it honey: Too lazy to advance, so take the chance and risk your freedom dumbass.

Precedents From Dead Presidents

Image “Cannabis indica is one of the best additions to cough mixtures that we possess, as it quiets the tickling in the throat, and yet does not constipate or depress the system as does morphine.”

– Practical Therapeutics (1895) By Hobart Hare”

There is a cool website : Antique Cannabis Book that I found today. I get dissapointed when I research whats new with the Medical Marijuana Scene and I see these so-called “Cannabis News” sites that were updated in 2010. Come on N.O.W. Anyway, before I go off on a tangent about how annoyed I am with these fake advocates I want to share this site because it is informative. From COugh medicine to Asthmatic Smoke-able Cigarette (I know that sounds like an oxymoron), but its cool to be aware of precedents that have already been set. History does repeat itself, so if you’re interested in the industry of just want to know the possibilities check it out and stay tuned.

-Mrs. C.I.B

Reaching Nu Readers, Nu Inspiration

Cake is rich, fun, indulgent, satisfying and delicious! Cake Lingerie embodies these very same emotions.

I like this photo because when you read the article about Cake Lingerie company the headliner photo is so cute. Cupcakes all around!

Lately I have noticed that I am reaching more people through my blog posts. I love that. Not only am I researching alternative medicines, but I am also trying to expose the lifestyle of people within my industry (Medical Marijuana) and like-minds. Sitting around wont just get you cool things to look at, you have to LOOK. For example, when I logged in to wordpress today I noticed that I had some notifications. A new reader liked some of my recent posts and she happened to be a very interesting individual- adventurous, a traveler, even a bucket-lister.  A Nu inspiration. I always thought about creating a bucket-list, but never actually started one. Not because I think I am going to die or anything like that but because it’s a cool way to Just Do It, like Nike says.

Check out Lesley Carter HERE. She’s dope.


Weed Wars Episode 1

I saw a promotional commercial for this show a couple of years ago and I thought I’d be hooked. I didn’t follow it as I thought, but now that I am becoming an expert in the field, its both interesting and informative.  The obstacles that an officer of a dispensary face are exposed in additon to the fast-paced business operation. Clients range from young children for various medical reasons to adults alike. Enjoy and stay tuned for more episodes of “Weed Wars” and other cool Cannabis/Hemp-related films.

-Mrs. C.I.B.

“WEED WARS” Episode 1

Cutest Puppy

He’s so cute!! Holding the nug close and tight. Bud Dreams…


Canibe Treats Menu

“A treat a day keeps your eyes glazed.”

Place Your Orders N.O.W.

Hempster Plant The Seed

Enjoy this full movie: Hempsters Plant The Seed

Discussions on the political, economic and social movements of Hemp.

Informative Cannabis Films

THE UNION: The Business Behind Getting High FULL MOVIE!!!!

Humboldt County