Happy Nu Year!

by The Struggle Is A Choice

I would like to sincerely wish the world a happy, peaceful Nu year. 

At this time for all supporters of Canibe Treats (C.I.B.), prospective supporters and the whole Cannabis movement :

It is VERY appropriate and necessary for you to visit this link


and click to send a letter to the President of the United States. You may be thinking “well it won’t go past his eyes” THATS NOT THE POINT. Our community needs to work as a unit and it is important to send the message that America’s “Potheads” are shifting towards educated consumers realizing the abuse in the system is only for THEIR  convenience. These laws are not out of compassion and to prevent a thing other than BIG PHARMA losing a percentage of money as a result of alternative medicine. Big business industries like paper goods, clothing, petroleum (which the states has a disgusting addiction to), and many more products would lose a substantial amount of money due to how efficient Hemp can be for a wide range of industries. Of course the Gov’t does not want this.

So that is the C.I.B. challenge for today. Click away and pass that link on to anyone who supports and respects the culture.

Peace Love & Understanding