In Life: You Must Dance

by The Struggle Is A Choice

Baby girl: Lucy- Sophia Litchfield’s granddaughter.

I found this picture and it brought back a lot of memory and emotion…

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I remember from a really young age listening to music that would make me want to move my body. Some how or some way- it didn’t have to be with anyone. Just me and that feeling of perfection in my heart.

I also remember the day I stared myself down in the mirror  (in a room full of mirrors) at the first dance company I was a part of. I was so happy with the way I looked in a one piece, the shape of my physical matter moved with my high spirit- up, down and around the floor; most importantly the way I felt about myself. I was really young and I dreamt of being a choreographer like my instructor, not to mention that she saw and felt this passion in me- I became the youngest under-study and I started to compete.

Ahh what a feeling to take the stage- all of it, literally.. The harmony came from within. At times, I realize, that I stray from my path when I become discouraged by some self-created issue that REALLY does not exist or TRULY matter but my energies are refocued on getting to know myself and what makes my love vibrant and uplifting. I’m really done with the concerns of judgement, opinion, and all that bullshit (You don’t matter). I find serenity and tranquility in leaving that to God because he knows whats in my heart.

Now, I bake and I find that its relaxing, intrinsically rewarding, and my way of showing and sharing my love. I now dream of mornings when my children will wake up and ask to stay with me to bake and watch movies and run through the fields of green. Not to mention mornings when they’ll wake up tired from late-nite baking, with something to taste and share for it.

Pursue what you love and I hope you dance.