Reaching Nu Readers, Nu Inspiration

by The Struggle Is A Choice

Cake is rich, fun, indulgent, satisfying and delicious! Cake Lingerie embodies these very same emotions.

I like this photo because when you read the article about Cake Lingerie company the headliner photo is so cute. Cupcakes all around!

Lately I have noticed that I am reaching more people through my blog posts. I love that. Not only am I researching alternative medicines, but I am also trying to expose the lifestyle of people within my industry (Medical Marijuana) and like-minds. Sitting around wont just get you cool things to look at, you have to LOOK. For example, when I logged in to wordpress today I noticed that I had some notifications. A new reader liked some of my recent posts and she happened to be a very interesting individual- adventurous, a traveler, even a bucket-lister.  A Nu inspiration. I always thought about creating a bucket-list, but never actually started one. Not because I think I am going to die or anything like that but because it’s a cool way to Just Do It, like Nike says.

Check out Lesley Carter HERE. She’s dope.