Im just saying…

by The Struggle Is A Choice

In a daze, whether blazed or not these days….mind on the worldly change of ways to soon awaken. The cowardice mind, who hides behind black and white pages of a text they dont even try to understand. But why do you curve me and treat me unworthy when I can really shift that cage.. unlock it and wait for you to push freely. But you wont and I’m bothered, say I need a father but little do you know we speak daily. When I speak I am scattered, if I knew it all my brain would splatter, you reblog me and im flattered but really what did I say? How I live Marijuana, just cause I wanna spread the word about the herbs that He gave us. Sativa, indica, ruderalis, what do you know about them? I hear you talkin kush this and sour that but really what are you twisting? Dubs are dimes, kids serving time when really their grandparents could have helped avoid that problem. But hug the block, a THUG you’re NOT- joke of the town when all you had to do was read. Minds on the money, oh I get it honey: Too lazy to advance, so take the chance and risk your freedom dumbass.