Precedents From Dead Presidents

by The Struggle Is A Choice

Image “Cannabis indica is one of the best additions to cough mixtures that we possess, as it quiets the tickling in the throat, and yet does not constipate or depress the system as does morphine.”

– Practical Therapeutics (1895) By Hobart Hare”

There is a cool website : Antique Cannabis Book that I found today. I get dissapointed when I research whats new with the Medical Marijuana Scene and I see these so-called “Cannabis News” sites that were updated in 2010. Come on N.O.W. Anyway, before I go off on a tangent about how annoyed I am with these fake advocates I want to share this site because it is informative. From COugh medicine to Asthmatic Smoke-able Cigarette (I know that sounds like an oxymoron), but its cool to be aware of precedents that have already been set. History does repeat itself, so if you’re interested in the industry of just want to know the possibilities check it out and stay tuned.

-Mrs. C.I.B