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Month: February, 2012

A Documentary to Watch on 4/20

I am excited to share with you all, a trailer of a documentary that will be released on April 20, 2012-


For those of you who are not familiar with the Legend, his music and life check it out. Either way, he is someone to look into and listen to.

Peace Love Bob Marley



No matter where you are, there will always be injustice. As long as you learn to accept that and become familiar with characters you need to politick, you will succeed. I haven’t reached the level of success I am aiming for yet, however as my time in college becomes shorter, I am realizing that this life is really a game. Not in a non-serious way, but a serious game of LIFE AND MONOPOLY plus some perks if you stay focused.

Love everyone and everything. Share a smile and ask for help when you really need it. Dont cry wolf or take advantage of anyone or anything, remember every breath is earned.

Where Did The Sun Go?

Sometimes things are better left alone, people are the same way. The weather will always change but nobody can control how you feel.  Even when it feels like you want to just crawl up in a ball and K.O..its not worth it unless you know youll end up doing something unsensable.

Each breath of air is earned, not deserved, Our time on this earth is limited and we are our only true barrier. If you want to be happy you should be and sever yourself from toxic environments, relationships with people and attachments because its only a matter of time before things blow up and hurt you.

Think about times when youve laughed so hard your stomach hurt, I bet youd love for your days to be filled with those. It’s not the easiest thing to just take on lifes obstacles with a smile but its important to do so because at the end of any experience you learn and grow.

No matter how much you want someone to stay in your life, the time will come when they have to go- not even fatally speaking but maybe something comes up that will benefit their life…those are the moments in which you learn if something is right for you.¬† They remain in your heart and the love is mutual. Always.

When opposites attract its powerful, very powerful. I pray you find a middle ground for the sake of love.

How to…

Make Canna-butter for PATIENTS.

1. Heat Treatment (oven)
2. Double Boil
3. Melt Butter
4. Crush Cannabis
5. Combine Butter & Cannabis

Allow to extract, the longer the better. 24 hrs is best.

Refrigerate. Bake. Pain, nausea gone!

Wouldn’t It Be Nice

The world would be a better place if you could advocate for your issue of choice and advertise an alternative medicinal lifestyle without being accused of distributing NARCOTICS.

Wouldn’t it be nice?

[COVER] Someone Like You -Adele Performed by Liz Marie

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Mr. CupMan by Jordan Cruz

Weed Wars Episode 4

Enjoy the [FULL] fourth episode of Weed Wars!

Courtesy of “KingBob2009”

Mr. Cupman LIVES!!! Video by Jordan Cruz


Stay Tuned for more from Jordan Cruz!



Weed Wars Episode 3

When Steve is on vacation a bad arrow in the business shows their face….fellow entrpreneurs: WATCH & LEARN. Your business must be handled by yourself. Teamwork is cool but in any industry it can get sticky.

(& not just because of the buds)

Enjoy this informative and real show!