Community Service

by The Struggle Is A Choice


Theres no feeling that compares to joining with a group of people to do some good ol’ community service.

Last year I attended the Aids Orphan Care’s FIRST walkathon with my closest friends and my younger sister. The walk was beautiful! At Lincoln Woods State Park on May 15, 2011, many funds were raised to support several causes including education, healthcare, and nutrition for aids orphans in Lesotho, Africa . The event was a great networking opportunity as a young entrepreneur but what I enjoyed most about it was coming together with people who care about giving back while having a great time.

I just received the word from Deborah, AOCs Founder/Director for the date of this year’s event.

JOIN ME ON JUNE 3, 2012 for a memorable walkathon in a beautiful park!

Click here for more information on AOC

Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies and other treats will be there for share!

-Mrs. C.I.B.