April 20, 2012

by The Struggle Is A Choice

After traveling to Quito, Ecuador and La Amazonia I decided that I wanted to incorporate international travels or involvements with cause related campaigns into my career. During our reflections at the end of our day of learning about environmental injustices and volunteering we all shared our emotions about how we felt to be POWERLESS. Well now, we are being given the opportunity to fight a war. A war that children should not fall victim to because of ignorance. Today at about 3:27AM I finished watching the KONY 2012 movie and campaign promotion. Genius.

Who wants to celebrate the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of CANIBE TREATS by joining in a historical cause and movement?

http://www.kony2012.com <<<<<LEARN MORE HERE.

I hope to hear from you all about what you will be doing on April 20, 2012 the day KONY 2012 Supporters will flood the streets to MAKE KONY FAMOUS & VISIBLE.

Check out the site:

>>>>>>>MAKE KONY FAMOUS and VISIBLE!<<<<<<

Make this April 20th special by donating your time to spread the message while meeting tons of people dedicated to the same thing!


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