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Month: May, 2012


I Google Miguel’s name occasionally when I miss his face. I can always look in the mirror because my face is the same as his. I miss so many things and I hope that he is granted freedom soon. Sometimes I seek advice from the wrong male specimens in this world, really wanting to hear what he thinks. It sucks because he does not call me anymore. I understand though, I have a bad attitude maybe. 

In July of 2009 my father was sentenced to do a bid in Federal prison. It is NEVER okay to lie. I’ve lied before too, and I must admit that I have hurt people that did not deserve it. I believe I am still paying the price but I have faith that God will grant me the freedom of feeling remorse for what has already been done.  I don’t lie anymore (not even to excuse myself from a commitment). I value peoples trust because it feels like I have nobody’s trust–only their faith. Blind Faith.


Lies change. The truth remains the same.


Stay True. Stay You. 


Boy vs Man

That boy brings you your favorite munchies and a care package when you are sick. But then he has to go because you’re sick and he has plans with his boys. Maybe you get it on a couple of times, you thought it was special while he was in a rush and is now complaining about the shower he has to take before he hits the night scene (as if you care)….

A man though, he knows you. He can feel when your heart drops and when you may not be in the brightest of spirits. His chest is your pillow to relax on as you scratch his head and smell him because he is yours, as you are his too. I love you Bobby, for your youthful spirit and your loving heart.

I am not the same person from 4 years ago.

It always bothers me when someone thinks that college is a NEED. I am blessed with a family who has invested in my career (well the start of it). In particular my mother who has consistently supported my dreams- fantasy world or not, she has always encouraged me to shine bright. I wonder though, what does my degree mean other than being formally educated. I can barely hold a conversation so really how does it measure my intelligence if I do not like to share what is in my head? Has it made me any smarter, other than learning survival miles away from anyone who truly loves and cares about me?  

I met a beautiful young woman once, she will remain nameless until she gives me permission to post her images on my site. Her voice, her steeze, her strong attitude (in the best way), her leisurely activities, reminded me of someone I used to know. The girl I used to know cared about her appearance, the local farmer with the fattest bag of trees, the liquor store who would serve her even though she was only 17, creating the best memories and times with a select few, school yard cyphs and raps with the gangsters hahahaha .

Time flies. Cherish every moment. Tomorrow might not come. 

(Title) is (Optional)

No turning back. On the rise to the top, the race to the winner’s circle, the end of this four year commitment is slowly but surely coming to an end. Where will I be living, eating, drinking, building and calling my home in one year?

Westward Expansion. Arms and all. Trees and treats. As the clouds transform into their HD form- amuse me with their accuracy to my moods. With every thought one cloud joins another as they cover city-scapes and welcome you into the fog.

I’ve lost many, crossed a couple, but now I Know because I have experienced. Someone rapped about how that is the greatest teacher.  

“Lloro porque te vas, rio porque te quedas.” -El Gran Combo

Beware of the suits. (G.O.O.D Music) or not..beware

Connie Diamond

in Haymaker by Denzil Porter


Denzil Porter



Still Feel Me by Jadakiss

“It aint kill me yet…stronger.

Enjoy. But most importantly FEEL.

He the rebel.


You’re my river running HIGH.

I love you

Lykke Li “Sadness is a Blessing” (Gold Panda Remix)