The Third Cycle

by The Struggle Is A Choice

Yesterday was the last day of classes. Me. A senior. Again.          I’m so close. Colorado? Not yet. In some classes,  it was so hard to just focus on the class. Students remain disrespectful to the professors. For no real reason. Distracted with snores but it doesn’t even matter. She just keeps talking- no responses and all. Or even a ping-pong conversation with ONE OR TWO students.

If the professor has something “better to do” than their job/careers, we might NOT even have a final. Do they have focus groups? Where was the interaction? The discussions where people had to THINK CRITICALLY. …GET CREATIVE

I am grateful for the privilege to earn a formal education but no matter what I know I will always gain more knowledge by executing projects that matter in life. Projects that will save people’s lives. I observed the behavior and my environment in the classroom and it was dry…Professors telling jokes just for the sake of killing time because their supervisor might see us leave ONE HOUR AND TEN MINUTES EARLY.

I couldn’t stand to watch someone speak for two hours without saying some form of controversy- just to see where they take the discussion.  I want to learn how I can improve what I am already applying. I wish I could hear more of my peers talking about what their skills are and what they ENJOY doing as a career path. Maybe next cycle.

I have to be ready for the 2013s Fourth Q. If it is Gods will.

I also had the pleasure of working with a few leaders too. Some I’ve seen grow since the start of my career in 2009, some I met recently.

I am still annoyed though.

<You can be signed up for classes that you waited to be academically “qualified” for within the curriculum of an institution….& you might NOT even take a final or a creative project-just right a paper >.