by The Struggle Is A Choice

I Google Miguel’s name occasionally when I miss his face. I can always look in the mirror because my face is the same as his. I miss so many things and I hope that he is granted freedom soon. Sometimes I seek advice from the wrong male specimens in this world, really wanting to hear what he thinks. It sucks because he does not call me anymore. I understand though, I have a bad attitude maybe. 

In July of 2009 my father was sentenced to do a bid in Federal prison. It is NEVER okay to lie. I’ve lied before too, and I must admit that I have hurt people that did not deserve it. I believe I am still paying the price but I have faith that God will grant me the freedom of feeling remorse for what has already been done.  I don’t lie anymore (not even to excuse myself from a commitment). I value peoples trust because it feels like I have nobody’s trust–only their faith. Blind Faith.


Lies change. The truth remains the same.


Stay True. Stay You.