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Looking to become a Medical Marijuana patient in the state of R.I.?


Below you will find a link to the page of links for laws and regulations for the Medical Marijuana program in the state of R.I.


There is also a non-profit organization RIPAC Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition that have tons of meetings with very important information for caregivers and patients alike. If you have any questions and I am knowledgable enough I will answer them, if  not I will direct you to some folks who are more savvy in this area.

Know the law people, and find the right way to do things.


Mrs. Canibe


How to…

Make Canna-butter for PATIENTS.

1. Heat Treatment (oven)
2. Double Boil
3. Melt Butter
4. Crush Cannabis
5. Combine Butter & Cannabis

Allow to extract, the longer the better. 24 hrs is best.

Refrigerate. Bake. Pain, nausea gone!

Wouldn’t It Be Nice

The world would be a better place if you could advocate for your issue of choice and advertise an alternative medicinal lifestyle without being accused of distributing NARCOTICS.

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Weed Wars Episode 4

Enjoy the [FULL] fourth episode of Weed Wars!

Courtesy of “KingBob2009”

Mr. Cupman LIVES!!! Video by Jordan Cruz


Stay Tuned for more from Jordan Cruz!



Weed Wars Episode 3

When Steve is on vacation a bad arrow in the business shows their face….fellow entrpreneurs: WATCH & LEARN. Your business must be handled by yourself. Teamwork is cool but in any industry it can get sticky.

(& not just because of the buds)

Enjoy this informative and real show!

When we GROW, This is what we WILL do.

I have been watching many Cannabis-related documentaries and I came across this one: It discusses the facts regarding the many uses of the plant. It also includes primary interviews of entrepreneurs in the ancillary revenue areas of hemp/cannabis. Just remember the “war against drugs” is based on political bias and not FACTS. 



Weed Wars Episode 2

As the Department of Justice is shutting down local dispensaries in California- Steve fights a tax code that is labeling him as a drug trafficker.

Enjoy the FULL second episode of Weed Wars.

Im just saying…

In a daze, whether blazed or not these days….mind on the worldly change of ways to soon awaken. The cowardice mind, who hides behind black and white pages of a text they dont even try to understand. But why do you curve me and treat me unworthy when I can really shift that cage.. unlock it and wait for you to push freely. But you wont and I’m bothered, say I need a father but little do you know we speak daily. When I speak I am scattered, if I knew it all my brain would splatter, you reblog me and im flattered but really what did I say? How I live Marijuana, just cause I wanna spread the word about the herbs that He gave us. Sativa, indica, ruderalis, what do you know about them? I hear you talkin kush this and sour that but really what are you twisting? Dubs are dimes, kids serving time when really their grandparents could have helped avoid that problem. But hug the block, a THUG you’re NOT- joke of the town when all you had to do was read. Minds on the money, oh I get it honey: Too lazy to advance, so take the chance and risk your freedom dumbass.

Precedents From Dead Presidents

Image “Cannabis indica is one of the best additions to cough mixtures that we possess, as it quiets the tickling in the throat, and yet does not constipate or depress the system as does morphine.”

– Practical Therapeutics (1895) By Hobart Hare”

There is a cool website : Antique Cannabis Book that I found today. I get dissapointed when I research whats new with the Medical Marijuana Scene and I see these so-called “Cannabis News” sites that were updated in 2010. Come on N.O.W. Anyway, before I go off on a tangent about how annoyed I am with these fake advocates I want to share this site because it is informative. From COugh medicine to Asthmatic Smoke-able Cigarette (I know that sounds like an oxymoron), but its cool to be aware of precedents that have already been set. History does repeat itself, so if you’re interested in the industry of just want to know the possibilities check it out and stay tuned.

-Mrs. C.I.B