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McKenzie Eddy – Bees

McKenzie is an inspiration to sing and be free.

Check out this site to learn more about her upcoming Project “Slow Your Horse Down Son.”

McKenzie Eddy – Bees.


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Crystal Lizardo! I miss you



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Passengers Of The Highway


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Nu Symbol Releases Bobby Tre’s “Passengers Of The Highway”

The discipline and dedication of Bobby Tre carry through into the Nu year as he continues to develop his music skills: from song writing to mixing and mastering the sounds of his projects. This young entrepreneur is on a roll. To kick off the year 2012 Nu Symbol has the release of Bobby Tre’s 6th music project, “Passengers Of The Highway,” at the top of the list of many other endeavors.

In addition to a life on the road being the inspiration of this project, Bobby Tre continues to take interest in learning about influential artists who have set precedents and kept it real even under the pressure of being in the lime light. This month Bobby Tre shares some sounds from Bob Dylan (60s) that caught his attention via documentaries, music, and interviews. “Passengers Of The Highway,” is the first project released under the Indie label Nu Symbol; an organization created by the artist himself. Nu Symbol’s roster currently consists of Bronx native Bobby Tre and Kansas City’s (producer) DMTA, who is also featured in “Passengers Of The Highway.”

From the desk of Bobby Tre, he describes the inspiration of his Nu project as, “the music you listen to on a spaceship,” P.O.T.H. contains the “dope tunes for long trips and tunnel vision.” The world can expect to see and hear much more from Nu Symbol.

The producers of the sounds of P.O.T.H. include:

Bob Dylan | Clams Casino | DMTA | Dr. Quandary | Mt. Eden


Bobby Tre Interview With Suburban Empire