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April 20, 2012

After traveling to Quito, Ecuador and La Amazonia I decided that I wanted to incorporate international travels or involvements with cause related campaigns into my career. During our reflections at the end of our day of learning about environmental injustices and volunteering we all shared our emotions about how we felt to be POWERLESS. Well now, we are being given the opportunity to fight a war. A war that children should not fall victim to because of ignorance. Today at about 3:27AM I finished watching the KONY 2012 movie and campaign promotion. Genius.

Who wants to celebrate the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of CANIBE TREATS by joining in a historical cause and movement? <<<<<LEARN MORE HERE.

I hope to hear from you all about what you will be doing on April 20, 2012 the day KONY 2012 Supporters will flood the streets to MAKE KONY FAMOUS & VISIBLE.

Check out the site:

>>>>>>>MAKE KONY FAMOUS and VISIBLE!<<<<<<

Make this April 20th special by donating your time to spread the message while meeting tons of people dedicated to the same thing!


re: KONY 2012


This 4/20 Will Be Memorable

Looking to become a Medical Marijuana patient in the state of R.I.?


Below you will find a link to the page of links for laws and regulations for the Medical Marijuana program in the state of R.I.


There is also a non-profit organization RIPAC Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition that have tons of meetings with very important information for caregivers and patients alike. If you have any questions and I am knowledgable enough I will answer them, if  not I will direct you to some folks who are more savvy in this area.

Know the law people, and find the right way to do things.


Mrs. Canibe

Community Service


Theres no feeling that compares to joining with a group of people to do some good ol’ community service.

Last year I attended the Aids Orphan Care’s FIRST walkathon with my closest friends and my younger sister. The walk was beautiful! At Lincoln Woods State Park on May 15, 2011, many funds were raised to support several causes including education, healthcare, and nutrition for aids orphans in Lesotho, Africa . The event was a great networking opportunity as a young entrepreneur but what I enjoyed most about it was coming together with people who care about giving back while having a great time.

I just received the word from Deborah, AOCs Founder/Director for the date of this year’s event.

JOIN ME ON JUNE 3, 2012 for a memorable walkathon in a beautiful park!

Click here for more information on AOC

Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies and other treats will be there for share!

-Mrs. C.I.B.

How to…

Make Canna-butter for PATIENTS.

1. Heat Treatment (oven)
2. Double Boil
3. Melt Butter
4. Crush Cannabis
5. Combine Butter & Cannabis

Allow to extract, the longer the better. 24 hrs is best.

Refrigerate. Bake. Pain, nausea gone!

Wouldn’t It Be Nice

The world would be a better place if you could advocate for your issue of choice and advertise an alternative medicinal lifestyle without being accused of distributing NARCOTICS.

Wouldn’t it be nice?

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