I got to see my wife tonight. It was afternoon for her. It was great to share a smile, a laugh, a silence and not feel like I had to make sure she was okay. She burned her food a little since China’s stoves  have super flames.

A poem from my wife. She is currently in Shanghai.
I love her. Very Much…

Gargoyle Renaissance

This is the sickest I’ve felt in a while.

My stomach has a bad yogurt syndrome

curling tighter than my roots

that snapped combs in half.

Like the spine of a heart

that fell heaven-numbered stories.

Splattered. Unrecognizable.

Just a conglomerate of oil spilled chambers

that once gave life to my organs.

Produced music so sweet

the planets gathered round to listen.

Harmonies harmed the harms of uncertainty

as telephone-produced melodies sung humanity into electrons.

Perfection would’ve envied our…Our.

There is no label that can capture the idiosyncrasies of our interactions.

I’d rather not call it love

since I stripped all of its familiar linkage

from my chords to not confuse our “friendship”.

We never missed a moment when we were in need of each other,

like the moon calling for the sun’s rays

to remind her that beauty

was inherent in her existence.


like people needing God to understand

that life on earth is unfair so long

as we spiral in our milky ways.


something like that.

We never missed a moment,

until you started missing mine

for days, weeks, months at a time

I missed your voice like I lost my own.

Gone, like the last wind in the desert,

I buried myself in the tongue I had left

to find the right in you abandoning me.

Unworthy, or undeserving of an explanation,

I haven’t figured it out yet.

Still stuck on how 5 years was a passing second in your travels.

How I was just one wave in the ocean you traveled through,

the way water crawls through

the thunder of a stone roar.

This, was a gargoyle renaissance.

The revival of marble memories

trapped in the throat of a monster

that is best read when lightning strikes

a ground that is gone.

Anger, an unforgiving literature that would decimate

the flesh of a King James bible.

You, are a history that I wish I could forget.

You are a history that I wish, never was.


Meet Jeniffer. d/b/a DANCERMOREL
Back in the days at Gedrin’s house parties his older sister would always bug out with us. She was the coolest.
She could hang and watch us get completely intoxicated. No judgement just laughs and memories.
One of my favorite ladies!

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My younger sister Liz Marie, is an aspiring model & singer. While she is involved with her high school’s Drama Club, JV Basketball Team, Honor Roll classes and much more- she always finds the time to sing. Enjoy!
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“Someone Like You” [COVER]
“Lucky” [COVER]
“The Way I Am” [COVER]
This is a piece I came across while going through my Gem’s blog. It reminded me of some of the reading I’ve been doing, questions we all ask and feelings we choose to ignore. 
I want Him to go away,
The very idea of Him scapegoats the pure existence of nothingness for the ills that raised me.
Grazed me past my cerebellum, my gaze deems reality falsely in a Lady Antebellum phase. He stared me in the eyes just as a disguise to devise how to sustain honesty in that one last lie, and my eyes watched those lies injected into Troy Davis as he flatlined. If I live this life 100 times, 98 times I would smile
smile at my mother who resembles Gaia on her left profile and is a reflection of a broken hearted Sistine Chapel in her right profile.
To love you, To trust you, To believe that you put me here and expected me to not be a reflection of you is the very essence of sculptures-splitting symmetries of false epiphanies.
I am the miracle,
I survived the self destructionist perception of believing that not even I am You,
because I am more Godly than the bullet that can spin my soul backwards like a tat de coup.
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More Love From Karema Brown
Dr. Seuss knows whats good for him.
Artwork by the beautiful Karema Brown
From The Desk Of:  Karema
“@_kb10: Why am i in the library at 3:18 ?!”
When we were younger, she spoke about her dream to be the owner/designer of
K.S.B. FASHION, while being a teacher.
She’s on her way.


I came across a classmate’s blog and it really hit home. I love to write and express my thoughts and ideas after thinking them out throroughly, but for some reason I am always getting overwhelmed with near-future or future things. It can be quite distracting.

Thanks for the inspiration Rae!

From The Desk of Rae Rosen:

Sunday, December 4, 2011

now and later

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by blogging because I don’t know what to write and then I just put it off. Then I get upset with myself for not blogging because I really do enjoy it. Now that it is the beginning of another term, I think I can justify taking some time to blog without worrying about the overload of homework yet.
I usually write about what is on my mind so I’ll stay consistent. Currently my mind is at war with itself about focusing on today and focusing on the future. Over the course of my college career, I have learned that I struggle with focusing on the here and now. I am always trying to plan and look ahead. I am learning to find a good balance of both while not being all consumed by either one.
It has been very stressful and exciting planning the spring break trip for the Special Events Society. Stressful because I’ve never planned a 6 day trip for 36 students and there are a lot of logistics involved, such as money, travel, transportation, hotel, activities, etc. The exciting part is that we are going to San Antonio, volunteering at the Rodeo, seeing Dierks Bentley, and doing lots of other exciting activities. I am pumped, especially since I am putting most of the trip together. It is quite the learning experience. Because I am the Treasurer, I’ve had to do a lot of the planning that involves spending money and so it is constantly on my mind and it seems that every day I have to do something else for the trip. It is definitely real life.
My mind is most consumed with what comes next. By next, I mean May 20th, the day after graduation. There is a definite peace in knowing that God already has it planned out, but a panic in not knowing what that plan is. Each day, I am learning to trust Him more and seek wisdom in making decisions to apply at certain places and in certain cities. Maybe I should focus less on where to apply and focus on the doors that open once I do. Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” If only I could remember this each and every day. It’s much easier said than done. So, instead of worrying, I will choose to be excited to find out what comes next. I will never be able to plan a better future for myself than the one God has planned out for me. Learning to believe this truth is so freeing but it’s something I need to constantly remind myself. Every time I try to take plans into my own hands, I am reminded how depraved I am and how much of a failure I am without Jesus.

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